All because someone was willing to share her story

They say that 1 in 8 couples fall into the infertility category but it seems like I have unknowingly surrounded myself with a higher ratio of couples who are battling this diagnosis.

– Of my core group of college friends (4 of us): 1 has endometriosis and got pregnant a few months after being off BCP, 1 has been diagnosed with unexplained and is pursuing treatment, 1 has not started trying for children and then there is me. 3 out of 4

– Out of my close group of friends here (again 4 of us): 1 has PCOS and does not have children, 1 conceived naturally after trying for a year and half, 1 has children, and then there is me. 3 out of 4

– Out of my close friends that I taught with at my last school: 1 has PCOS and is undergoing treatment, 1 has PCOS but is not pursuing treatment and 1 had repeat pregnancy loss

Apparently I need a warning symbol for people who meet me to let them know that if they want to have children naturally, they are running a risk being friends with me 😉

The sad thing is that I’m sure there were other friends with infertility but it is not something that is talked about often or at least not until the pregnancy gets to a certain point. Thankfully my friend with RPL slowly shared a little of her story with me over the years and when we reconnected a few months ago, she had the perfect words for me without even knowing that we were struggling with infertility. She has talked about wanting to change careers to nursing to be able to help women going through infertility and RPL My brain screamed “Tell her” but my mouth would not get the words out. We gave hugs and said our good-byes.

Every day after that conversation I had a nagging feeling that I need to call her and finally after some time passed, I picked up the phone and made that call. I told her that she didn’t have to go back to school to be a nurse but that she could find another position at an office to provide support and help to women going through this….that it was more important that she knew the words to say. I then spent time telling her our story and shedding tears through it. Tears of relief of being able to share my story and not feel like less of a woman and that telling her was a safe place and she would know what to say.

She told me that she would add me to her Wednesday prayer list because she prayed for the needs of the women in her life on Wednesdays. I loved that idea and started doing it myself. Then a few short weeks later I reached out to the women on Instagram to see if they would like to participate. I have been absolutely humbled by the prayer requests and praises and I have loved seeing the TTC community come together each week to pray for each other’s needs on Wednesdays…all started because one woman was willing to share her story.

I’d love to have you join us. If you’re interested, follow my Instagram account and please comment on the post that looks like the below:

TTC Sister Updates

I post it every Tuesday and then post the list on Wednesdays. My account is private to respect the privacy of the ladies that have private accounts and share their prayer requests for the group. If you do not want to post your information, please email me at or DM me on Instagram – I’d love to pray for you.