A Tale of a Two Week Wait

After a very relaxing weekend, Monday morning meant going back to work and getting back into a routine as close to my normal one as possible. I knew having something to focus on would help but all I wanted to do was stay in bed with my fuzzy socks on and color 🙂 Here’s my recap with is more like a novel:

3dp5dt & 4dp5dt – I woke up exhausted. My husband has to leave for work at 5:30am which means a very early wake-up call for my PIO and heparin injections. My alarm does not usually go off until 6:30am and after sleeping in on the weekend, I was not prepared for getting up an hour earlier. I tried to go back to sleep but I pretty much just tossed and turned. Symptoms wise I had what I can best describe as tightening and pulling sensations and the morning of 4dpt I had the tiniest brown hue when I wiped (sorry if that’s TMI but at this point I have no modesty when it comes to this process).

5dp5dt – I threw a pregnancy test in my bag today because it was my mom’s birthday. My mom died when I was 4  and I had thought when I got my calendar for this cycle that it would be really neat if I was able to get my BFP on her birthday. All day long at work I thought about the test being in my bag but never worked up the courage to use it.

On Wednesday nights when I’m not traveling for work, I go to as many youth services as possible to help out. This Wednesday we had a meeting for all of the adults that worked with the youth so I wrapped up work and headed over to church. As soon as I parked, I decided I would test. I made my way to the bathroom and after testing was very excited to see this…

The line was faint but it was there and it was such a relief to see this light line, as we had been waiting to see this for 2 1/2 years. I went downstairs to the prayer chapel and prayed – for all of the prayer requests that the Insta-ladies gave and for this precious gift.

I had a special way to tell my husband and he was completely surprised when he found out when we both got home that night (more details on that later).

6dp5dt to 10dp5dt – More exhaustion and tightening sensations and feeling really tired. I’m also starting to have tenderness in my breasts. I spend my evenings relaxing at home but ventured out one night to a Restorative Yoga class. Tests continue to get darker:



11dp5dt – I’ve established a routine in the mornings: my husband gives me my shots, kisses me, kisses my stomach and heads off to work. I lay in bed and at some point get up to go POAS and then get ready for work. I loved watching the lines get darker and it was nice to leave it out for when my husband comes home for lunch. The routine was great until this morning and my line was lighter than the one I took last night:


Level 5 panic ensued and I was so afraid something was wrong. I texted my husband to tell him to say a prayer and he called immediately. We spoke briefly and decided we would stay as positive as we could.

Around 11am I received a call from my favorite nurse at the clinic – she has been my rock through this process. She said she was excited to see me the following day for my beta and wanted to check and see how I was doing. I told her about the positive tests – 6 that progressively got darker and the 1 from that  morning that was lighter. She said the darkness didn’t matter, to not worry and she’d see me in the morning. It may sound ridiculous but that helped fix my outlook. I decided I was not going to worry. I had acupuncture that night and told my acupuncturist about it and she made me promise not to POAS again.

12dp5dt AKA Beta day – My favorite nurse greeted me with a huge smile and completely calmed me down. Somehow, even after all these blood draws and injections, I still get nervous when it comes to getting my blood drawn. The process was easy and off I went.

I spent the next hr in the car creating the posts for the Women on Wednesday Prayer list (see previous post if you want more information on that) and praying for each prayer request. I wish I could say the day flew by but it didn’t. I saw my phone ring with the caller ID showing my doctor’s office but unfortunately I was in a meeting that I could not step out of. Go figure – I’d been waiting all day for this call and it happened when I could not answer. I called back and got the news we had been waiting for – my beta was 280! After all of these years, I am pregnant 🙂

14dp5dt AKA Beta #2 day (today) – This morning was a little easier to go through the blood draw process. I had to go to the lab at the medical center by doctor’s office is at. I only had 1 meeting at work today and spent the rest of the day cleaning out old files, reorganizing my desk and setting up the work station for a new hire that starts next week. The day went by much faster and around the same time I got the call from my doctor’s office. Beta was 781! I was and am ecstatic! I quickly plugged my numbers into a beta calculator and it said my doubling time was 32 hours.

She transferred me to the front desk so I could schedule my ultrasound (it’s almost surreal t be typing those words). We will be going in on August 20th so I’m about to embark on another TWW. Here’s to enjoying each day until then!

How was your TWW?