I’ll find something to write here eventually. Eventually has come. I figured now was as good a time as any to put something here.

1. I believe salt air can cure just about anything – can I get an amen from anyone who lives or lived near the beach?
2. I have texture issues with foods which has led to the following: I’ll cook with mushrooms for flavor but will not eat them, will spend the extra minutes cutting seeds out of tomatoes, and cannot eat raw broccoli.
3. I am introvert. This tends to surprise people when they find out.
4. Some of my most favorite memories involve being in the kitchen and learning the family recipes from my grandparents while they told me stories from their childhood.
5. I have a hate-hate relationship with running but love getting in the pool to swim laps.
6. I could spend hours in a hammock with a good book.
7. I had a gut feeling that it would be hard to get pregnant prior to starting to try.
8. I’ve always felt the journey is more important than the end result – although this is something I am struggling with right now.
9. I like strong coffee and while I do not drink it often, I drink it black when I do.
10. I am terrible with grammar rules.
11. I am an animal lover and tend to be drawn to the ones with issues (my dog is allergic to grass!).

Really I am just a woman who is thankful to wake up next to my incredible husband, have a best friend who I call a sister (every blonde does need her brunette), and a family who supports me on this crazy journey called life.


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