The Surprise of all surprises

Little girls may grow up dreaming of meeting their prince charming, getting married, and having babies…but those dreams do not involve seeing a Reproductive Endrocrinologist to do so. Even when I started getting a feeling that it would take us a longer time than most to get pregnant, the thought of doing IVF never crossed my mind. Taking that step means you no longer have the surprise factor of finding out you’re pregnant because you’re a few days late because well, it just does not happen that way.

We received our calendar for our FET and started treatment in June. I had started getting more involved in the TTC Community on Instagram and found out about a book called Wish by Matthew Cordell.


During my next Target trip, I went to the book section and teared up in the aisle reading this book. I bought it in hopes that it would be our baby’s first book.

In this post, I shared that I found out on my mom’s birthday that I was pregnant. My mom died when I was 4 and it is like she was saying “I’m here” when I found out on her birthday. I got home from church after my husband got home from work so I had to be discreet moving the book to the room and setting up the surprise.

When he came in the room to go to bed, I told him I appreciated all he was doing to help around the house through this and that I had got him a little something. He opened the bag, pulled out the book, and I could tell he was a little confused (thank goodness I had the iPad set-up to be recording all of this). He started reading the book to himself and then out loud when I asked him to. At the end of the book, the elephant couple welcomes their little one into the world. His initial look at the end of the book suggested he liked it and then he caught on and asked me if I was pregnant. Tears followed and we celebrated together.

I am so thankful that even though we were on a set calendar with a “beta day” that we knew from the get-go, I was still able to surprise my husband and share that precious moment together. Our wish did come true and we cannot wait to read this story to our little one.


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