A full month…

…since my last blog post. Time has passed so quickly and I did not realize it has been quite as long. With the Memorial Day holiday, work travel, and an unexpected hospital trip for a kidney stone, life has been busy in our house! I also have to give credit to the ladies on Instagram. I started blogging to meet other women on this TTC journey but I have found that there is more interaction on Instagram. It has been so nice to see the raw honesty, cheers for people who have had good news, internet hugs and words of support for those who are hitting some bumps and just the overall day-to-day connection. 

Believe it or not, I met someone on Instragram who lives in the same city we do and met her for some frozen yogurt. It was hard to explain it to a friend ahead of time – I mean how many people do you meet on the internet and then go on to meet in real life? If it is more common then I’m just not aware of it 🙂 We had a good time and I’m looking forward to the next time we can do something.

Onto updates with our treatment cycle…I started BCPs early June and added Lupron on Sunday night. My friend @godstimegodsplan recommended I take the Lupron at night. So far nothing too bad as far as side effects. I get hot at night but other than that it’s been pretty status quo. I was warned that sometimes the headaches from the medicine can be pretty bad so I have been focusing on drinking a lot of water to try to help – not sure if it actually will but there is no harm in drinking a lot water! My first monitoring appointment will be at the end of next week and will include bloodwork and an ultrasound. Hoping that it all works out and that we’ll be able to continue with the cycle.

We’ve found that the process can seem rather long when looking at the entire calendar all at once but if the rest of the cycle goes as quick as the last month has, then it will be here before we know it. We’re passing the time with by just looking at the next fun event we have – friends in town, my Goddaughter’s 2nd birthday, meeting our niece who was born this week, visiting friends in the city we used to live in, and spending some time at the beach. 

Hope all you ladies are doing well! I’m working on a project with a friend and hope to be able to share some details on it soon.